For over 30 years Summer School has been serving the needs of young people around Australia and beyond. Come to a Summer School and walk the journey with us. Let God lead you along the special path he has planned for your life.

The Summer School of Evangelisation has a central purpose – the unique encounter between each person and the Living God whose great love and mercy has overflowed for all humanity from the dawn of creation. Through the resurrection of Jesus and the gift of the Holy Spirit, we are “made alive” (1 Corinthians 15:22). It is in this new life that we are able to live life to the full.

Four locations. One Incredible journey.

What is it?

A week long retreat into the powerful experience of the Holy Spirit, opening up possibilities for deepening faith, peace, healing, joy, freedom and passion for the Gospel of Jesus.

Journey with other Catholics for the week, forming a unique faith community, bonded by a common vision to seek God in the Summer of School of Evangelisation. Share and support each other through allocated small group time each day with those of similar ages. Build new friendships and discover the vibrant youth and young adults in our Catholic Church.

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What Happens?

Presentations & lectures are given by those with formal theological training and/or extensive personal experience of faith and Christian Community. Lectures topics include Scripture, Catholic teaching, Evangelisation, Living as a Disciple, and Prayer.

Seminars offer a practical opportunity to experience, participate in, and question, issues, methods, and vision for evangelisation in areas such as: Prayer, Discernment, Healing, Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Intercession and Faith in Action.

There are many opportunities for communal and personal prayer, including Charismatic praise and worship and Mass..